“Parents, It’s Time to Get Your Kids Off the Sofa and Get Them in Shape with The Dangerously Fit Kids Active Programs”

‘Dangerously Fit Kids’ is an exciting, friendly, and non-competitive kid’s fitness program in Whale Beach

Hello Parents and Guardians, I’m Dan Clay and I own Dangerously Fit Kids – Sydney’s most sought-after fitness program. For the past 14 years, we have been assisting people to change their body and their lives for the better… And now we are extending our services to be available to assist our future generation because at Dangerously Fit, we understand that it is important to invest in our future generations.

It’s A Depressing Fact That Many of Our Kids Now Battle With:

  • Weight Problems
  • High Blood Sugar Levels
  • Insomnia
  • Low Energy
  • High Blood Pressure

Scientific research reveals, that there is an 80% chance of an overweight child becoming an overweight adult, and the longer the child is overweight, the more they’ll battle with weight associated health issues in adulthood.

All these life-threatening health risks can be quickly resolved through an active lifestyle including healthy eating habits. With child obesity at record highs, the time is now to get our kids off the Sofa and back into a healthy life.

Dangerously Fit Kids is a amusing, non-threatening, non-competition kid’s fitness program in Whale Beach that is designed to help your child build self-esteem, improve their cardiovascular fitness, strength, discipline, and maintain healthy body fat percentages with appealing activities which will encourage a lifetime of healthy living.

  • If eating habits is a huge issue, we have qualified nutritionists on staff to help with creating a nutrition plan catered to each child’s needs. Kids tend to be more responsible about their eating habits when someone other than their parent tracks their daily diet.

Our Fitness Programs Involve:

  • Kids Boot Camp. Our boot camp program is the specialty of Dangerously Fit and now, we’ve taken this much sought-after program and made it simple for your child to be able to follow along and enjoy. The training involves strength and cardio games programmed to improve your child’s well-being and particularly to make exercise a fun experience.
  • Kids Self Defense. A fun combination of karate and boxing is an efficient way to increase self-confidence while getting your child in shape. This specially created training program teaches self-discipline, self-control and focus with exciting boxing / karate conditioning and games.
  • Kids Sports. This program improves skills required by a variety of activities and sports. The Sports Program involves skills that enhances co-ordination and working as a team. We change the games every week to keep the program interesting and to stop your child from getting bored which can happen if you do the same drills repeatedly.
  • Kids Yoga. An excellent combination between flexibility and strength of your child’s mind and body. Great for improving focus, relaxation, and piece of mind.
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Our ‘Dangerously Fit Kids‘ Whale Beach personal trainers are highly certified and accomplished fitness pros that have undertaken more courses in the field of kid’s fitness and are nationally certified by Mini Moves and Fitness Australia.

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If you require more info involving our Whale Beach kid’s fitness or Active After School programs, please click the button below or call 1800 791 446.

Best of health,

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Kids
Whale Beach, Sydney, 2107

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